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About Us

Ruth LaBarge has owned and trained wild animals for the entertainment industry for over 40 years, specializing in bears. Ruth has the largest selection of working Kodiak and Grizzly Bears in North America with the unique ability to work several at the same time together on the same film set. She can also provide doubles at no extra charge. Her bears have appeared in numerous major motion pictures as well as commercials, television shows, and print advertising. Each of the bears have their own list of credits.  Check it out!

All of Ruth's bears have been with her since their eyes opened and they are treated with love, respect, and trained with the utmost kindness and positive methods.

Ruth's extensive knowledge of bear behaviour has encouraged a demand for daily educational bear presentations. These presentations include bear safety and awareness, with emphasis on how to behave in and around the wild bear's natural environment, while respecting the fact we are in their back yard. Our presentations include trained behaviours to simulate and help the public understand unpredictable situations, arising from a wild bear encounter. This helps people not only survive a wild bear attack but also Ruth's close interaction with the bears minds also helps expand peoples awareness of how alive and intelligent these animals are and they become more than just an abstract vision of a bear. The Bear with Us clan passionately believe in sharing our environment with these magnificent creatures.