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Barney Bear


Barney, born in Jan 1999, is a huge full grown male Kodiak/Grizzly, standing over 8 feet and weighing in at 1300 pounds. He is a very kind, gentle, giant, that loves to work and show off. He literally grew up on film sets starting his career at 5 months old on a Rice KrispieTreats commercial, than on to a feature “Grizzly Falls” at 8 months old. His work ethics are amazing, loving every minute he is on set. His many behaviours include crawling, limping, running, being ridden, wearing clothes, full contact wrestling, dragging a person or object, retrieving objects and placing them where needed as well as the normal film behaviours such as going to a mark, standing up, growling, laying down, standing on all fours, shaking and throwing objects, giving amazing strikes and head tossing on command to name a few. Some of his credits include features: "Grizzly Falls", "Anchorman", "Mr. Nobody","Pathfinder", and "Knucklehead", commercials: Pepsi, Rice Krispie Treats, Napa, Chevy Tahoe, American Express, Titleist Golf Balls, TN DUI, State of Russia, Anadin, Rexona, Fathead, Mercury Insurance, Kobalt toolbox, Honda, TD Insurance and Rimowa Luggage, to name a few. He doubles Whopper and works with Betty and Whopper at the same time. Please enjoy watching some of his work.


Barney Bear Slide Show