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Customer Testimonials:

I have trained animals for the film industry for the last 30 yrs. I have met and worked with other trainers from across North America. I have worked with Ruth on different occasions with Barney , from when he was an infant on Grizzly Falls and recently in his mature state on a Mercury Insurance commercial. I have worked with other grizzlies in the past.

However : The combination of Ruth ,Barney, Andrew and Doug are hard to beat. When I am called for quotes and recommendations for this type of animal , I know they have the capacity to fill the needs requested.

When you actually see them working together, you will understand what a great relationship Barney and Ruth have. It is her life's commitment and Barney's demeanour is proof of that !!!!

Rick Parker

I have had the pleasure of working with Ruth LaBarge and her bears, in particular
with Barney and Betty on a few tv commercial productions. The thing that continually amazes me about Ruth's bears is the ease in working with them and the trust her bears have in her. Its critical when working with big animals to make sure the relationship between the animal and trainer is tight and that the animal trainer
has the attention of the bears at all times. They must also be treated well
in order for them to listen to their trainer. Ruth's bears encompass all of that.

She is realistic in explaining to production what is and isn't possible prior to filming .How much time it takes on set to do what is required, if any prep time up front is necessary and to ensure that everyone is safe. Working with Ruth and her family of bears is a true delight and i would highly recommend this experience to anyone that needs to film Grizzly's or a black bear for any medium.

Karen Silver
Treehouse North Productions Inc.


I have worked with Ruth Labarge many times over the years and I always really enjoy the experience. She's calm, professional, focused, and delivers what she promises and more. Ruth has a great reputation for how she cares for her animals and you can see it when she and the animals are together. Love her.

David Bouck

Owner/Executive Producer

Means of Production, Inc.


I had the great pleasure of working with Ruth on Against The Wild, were she supplied a 1300 pound kodiak named Barney to my production.  I am very pleased to say that you will not find a better trained animal, or a more professional trainer than Ruth LaBarge.  Ruth was able to provide me with every shot on my "wish list."  Barney looks spectacular on film and provided production value far above his costs.  I would recommend Ruth to any producer.

Richard Boddington