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Bonkers Black Bear


Bonkers, born 1993, is a huge male Black Bear weighing 650 pounds and standing over 6 feet tall. He has a heart of gold, great with people and especially children. He was picked to work on features like Jungle Book Mowgli`s Story and Gentle Ben 1 and 2 to work with a child actor which he did flawlessly. Other features include: Black Bear Casino, A Bear named Winnie, Brokeback Mountain and Grizzly Falls. Television shows include: General Hospital, Cousin Skeeter, Charmed, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Topa Topa, You Asked For It, Soprano’s, BBC`S 999, Canadian Geographic, Eddie and Greg’s Action Animals, Most Dangerous Animals, Hank Williams First Nations, and Hero Animals.
Bonkers speciality is to work with people, he will hold hands with anyone, look up at someone when told, walk along side them, can be ridden, hugged, can sit along side anyone safely, truly a gentle, trustworthy soul. He can retrieving objects and placing them where needed, dragging objects as well as the normal film behaviours such as going to a mark, standing up, growling, laying down, standing on all fours just to name a few.

Bonkers Bear Slide Show