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Betty Bear


Betty, born in Jan 1999, is a beautiful female Kodiak/Grizzly standing 6 1/2 feet and weighing 850 pounds. Betty is an adorable, blonde coloured bear, with a sweet face and even sweeter disposition. She loves to be around people and loves to be in the limelight. She literally grew up on film sets starting her career at 5 months old on a Rice KrispieTreats commercial, than on to a feature Grizzly Falls at 8 months old. She has showcased her cuteness in a supporting role in the 2000 Dr Doolittle where she played Ava. Her many behaviours include crawling, covering her eye, holding objects, clapping her paws, running, retrieving objects and placing them where needed as well as the normal film behaviours such as going to a mark, standing up, growling, laying down, standing on all fours dragging objects just to name a few. Some of her credits include features: Grizzly Falls, Dr. Doolittle 2, Anchorman, John West, commercials include 2 super bowl commercials: Bud Lite, and Pepsi. Other commercials include Vital Choice Salmon, Rice Krispie treats, Rexona, Napa, Toyota, Farmers Insurance and Nature Valley as well as National Geographic TV special Grizzlies. Betty works well with Whopper and Barney if more than one bear at a time is requested.